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Hi soccer fans!

Want to learn how to do an around the world with a soccer ball? I did, too! I practiced for a long time and learned the skill. First, you need to know how to juggle a soccer ball. So check out my video on how to do that. Once you know how to juggle the soccer ball and are pretty good at it, you will be ready to learn how to do an around the world.

Check out my video one how to do an around the world with the soccer ball. I've created an "Around the World tutorial" to help explain how to master this skill. It may seem difficult at first, but if you stick with it you will be able to do it  and will get better at it as time goes on. Keep practicing. I practice these skills every day so that I get better at them all of the time.

Good luck with your around the world, I hope you like the video and that it helps you learn how do it!




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